Surrealism – From Delhi to Hitchcock, a Journey through Modern Art in Film

Salvador Dali en 1954 Farabola/Leemage/AFP
Salvador Dali en 1954 Farabola/Leemage/AFP

The cities of Delhi to Hitchcock have a lot to offer regarding modern art, and many of these contemporary arts have featured in several movies. India is a densely populated country and has so many beautiful artworks to its credit, both from ancient and modern artists. Some of the renown artists that have reigned in the Indian art scene are Paresh Maity,  Jayasri Burman, Subodh Gupta, Bharti Kher and Amar Kanwar.  These individuals are responsible for the promotion of art in India, and their impacts are still noticeable today. They have also taken Indian arts to the international community.

The mushrooming of contemporary art galleries have occurred all over India in recent times; this has further cemented the status of the city in the contemporary art world. Indian owes its popularity as an art hub to the city of Delhi and as far as Hitchcock. These cities have become emerging scenes in contemporary arts with global reckoning.  The place of contemporary arts in Delhi and other cities in India won the city the hosting of the India Art Fair, which holds in the city every year beginning from 2008.  This event usually attracts galleries and collectors from India and other countries of the world. The event has successfully increased the interest of the global community in the Indian art market.

The various art festivals held in the city of Delhi are:

  • India Art Fair, which takes place towards the end of January and the start of February. The first edition was held in 2013.
  • Delhi Photo Festival, which started in 2011 with the following one held in 2015. The event is usually scheduled for the second half of the year in September.
  • United Art Fair, which started in 2012 and has always proved a success

The city of Hitchcock is not left behind in the buzz of contemporary Indian art. Many art galleries also cover the city and participants from this city have won glories in the various events mentioned above.  Many of their works can be found at the National Gallery of Modern Art, and you can arm yourself with HD sunglasses or spy cameras when visiting these galleries. You will undoubtedly come by several other visitors at these art galleries, those of Indian origin and those from elsewhere.  The galleries have all the trappings that will get you enthralled while you are there.  Aside from the great contemporary artworks to be seen at the gallery, you can also come to several tourist sites, shopping districts, and parks where you can relax and shop.

Those visiting India from other parts of the world during any of the art festivals will not have accommodation problems; numerous hotels can fit perfectly with individual budgets. These hotels can provide the required facilities for a comfortable stay. They are also located close to the venues of the art festivals and not too far from the major Indian contemporary art galleries, like the National Gallery of Modern Art.


A visit to India will open your eyes to an entirely new world of contemporary arts. The cities of Delhi, Hitchcock and virtually all the cities and towns in this great country have contributed exceedingly to the development of contemporary arts here.


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