5 tricks and hacks for mastering surreal photography like a pro

Caged, Achraf Baznani
Caged, Achraf Baznani
Ansel Adams stated that” a good photograph is about knowing where to stand.” Capturing moments with cameras has not been easier with the ever-improving photography techs. Whether you are ruthless for more impressive shots on your smartphone, or you are a full-time DSLR photographer, these tips and tricks will help you through the journey of picture taking mastery.
  1. Take backlight photos at golden hour

Golden hour in photography refers to the first hour and last hour of sunlight of the day, where desired soft light for halo like portraits I been taken. And to be precise, there is an app that can help to achieve that. The Golden Hour App allows you to set the path of the sun in the sky for the specific location and date selected.

  1. Make Use burst mode in order to capture a transitory range of expressions.

In burst mode, numerous photos are being captured in a quick succession. This specific feature is available on most digital cameras with video glasses, DSLRs and through some app features on smartphones. Shot are continuously taken in high speed while holding down the shutter button of the camera.

  1. Use the Aperture Priority mode to get portrait shots with out of focus background.

Using the Aperture priority on camera mode gives you control of the depth of field. Aperture settings are measured in “F-stops.” The only thing to take note is that wider apertures actually possess lower numbers, and narrower apertures possess higher numbers. For example, an F2 Aperture setting has a wider aperture than an F22 Aperture setting. A wider aperture reduces the depth of field in the shot which makes the background more blur but keeping the subject in focus.

4.Mixing of both artificial and natural light for ideal night shots

Have time to take of images so that the lightning levels from each source will be the same, this will help produce an equally exposed shot. Observe spot meter reading from both the sky and the area of the shot with well artificially equipped light. Start shooting using the spot metered setting when the sky is still bright slightly, to achieve the artificially lit area of the scene. Continue to take pictures using various exposures. Where the scene will be lit perfectly you should be able to have few shots that are perfectly exposed during the ten-minute window.

  1. Being in two places at once to achieve an easy panoramic trick  

With an extra hand and little jogging, your subject can pose in the frame several times. Select the panoramic mode on your pen camera. Start from the far left of the frame and pan to the right slowly. As soon as your subject is out of the frame run, the subject should pose again somewhere to the right. Do this with the number of times you can squeeze into the frame.

  1. Change direction and angle during panoramic Shots

Change panning direction by simply tapping the arrow button on the camera and it will switch direction and instead of panning direction horizontally, pan towards the vertical direction from low to high, or from high to low.

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